Phil Gagnier

"My Name is Phil Gagnier. I am a Construction Manager for Harris and Associates. I live in Gladstone Oregon. I contacted Sunnyside Roofing to take a look at the area to see if the roof had any damage because of backup and overflow on the gutters. Sunnyside sent out a person to take a look and check the roof. The roofer found some soft spots. I asked him to tell how big of an area and how much it would cost to fix.I had them fix the spots and asked for a cost to do a complete tear off and re-sheet as necessary with 30 # felt and 40 year roofing. They gave me a price for the roofing materials of my choice in color and style with new flashing and the cost for repair as they were found. We scheduled the work for July. I gave them 50% down and went over details of the renters work schedule to eliminate any major problems with the renters. Sunnyside actually came in on time got the work done on time and found a few more spots which they charged me for the materials only. WOW what a change in today's world. Great job. I will have them back for more work."

Christie Glennon

"I recently hired Sunnyside Roofing Services to replace a roof on a listing had three layers of deteriorated roofing. I was under a tight deadline to close this home as I was representing the University of Oregon as their listing agent. The appraisal required the roof be fixed. I called four roofing companies in one morning and Sunnyside was the first to respond. They went out to the home within 24 hours and had an accurate bid for us. Two other companies supplied bids and Sunnyside was far more reasonably priced. I asked how quickly they could finish the project and Abraham of Sunnyside said it would be done within a week. We signed the contract and he began work. To my surprise, I received an email with a Dropbox link that carried photos of the work being done. He was kind enough to update it each day and finished the new roof exactly on schedule.

I highly, highly, recommend Sunnyside Roofing Services and Abraham."

Christine L

"Sunnyside Roofing just completed a large, steep, and precarious residential roof for me that included removing old cedar shakes, sheeting and felting, all new vents flashing and Predidential shingles. Their work is impeccable and their staff was respectful of our property and family. I obtained six bids. They were the lowest bid but very close to several others so they are definitely within market norms. I can not recommend them enough. They worked 7:00 AM to nearly 8:00 PM each day to get the large job finished in just one week."

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