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Factors that Affect the Price of Your New Roof

roof replacement happy valley oregonAt Sunnyside Roofing Services, we strive to ensure the roof over your head is safe and secure. From residential roof repairs to a roof replacement in Happy Valley, Oregon, we offer a wide variety of roofing services to help you meet your specific needs. Many factors determine the overall price of your roof investment. Below we discuss the different factors that could impact your price when you need a new roof.

  • The size of your roof determines how much materials are ordered based on your specific roofing square. The more materials needed for your roof, the more you will be expected to pay.
  • The roof’s pitch or slope will impact the overall cost of your roof because it can require more labor, staging, and safety tools needed to complete the job. Additionally, depending on the required fire rating, this will impact what underlayment system will be utilized, ultimately impacting the price.
  • Many different roofing materials range in price. Roofing materials range in aesthetic, wright, longevity, and durability, which all affect the overall price of your roof investment.
  • Roof access plays a large role in bidding out the job because if it is difficult to reach your roof, this could impact the cost of labor and equipment.

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