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Preparing Your Roof for Fall: Part 1

residential roofing clackamas oregonSummer is coming to an end, and many important things must be done to your roof to help preserve and maintain its functionality during the fall season. Fall is the transition period where leaves and trees change to prepare for the winter season. Below we offer helpful tips to prepare and strengthen your roof for fall.

  • Clean Debris

During the summer, your roof has collected a wide variety of debris and dirt due to its exterior location. With increased summer storms, your roof may have a variety of debris such as seeds, grass, twigs, leaves, and small branches. It is important to remove all debris before the fall and winter seasons because these items can begin to collect moisture, which could cause mold and algae growth along your roof.

  • Clean Gutters

It is important your gutters remain clean and free from debris to allow proper drainage. Allowing your gutters to remain filled with leaves and other debris before the fall season can cause clogs in the downspouts. Clogged downspouts can cause water to overflow onto your roof, causing possible moisture damage.

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