Preparing Your Roof for Fall: Part 2

portland roofing companyIn a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of maintaining and preserving your roof to enhance its functionality during the fall season. Many easy steps can be done to help strengthen your roof, so it is strong and safe for the changing seasons. Below we list helpful tips to follow to prepare your roof for fall.

Check Attic Air Flow

It is important that your attic has sufficient airflow and ventilation to help preserve the health of your roof. We encourage our clients to inspect and repair any areas in your attic that show signs of poor ventilation.

Remove Loose and Overhanging Branches

Removing loose and overhanging branches that surround your home is vital to protecting your home and roof. During the fall, the falling of leaves and limbs can cause damage to your home and gutters.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

We encourage our clients to receive a comprehensive and professional inspection to check your roof for any damages and needed repairs before the fall season.

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